Franchise Opportunities

Jump!Zone Party Play Centers


We design all your marketing materials for you: Flyers, Advertisements, Invitations, Passes, Advertisements, Mailers, etc
Jump!Zone provides initial drawings and specifications for your facility.
Volume purchasing of branded merchandise such as Goodie Bags, Holographic Cups, T-Shirts, etc will lower your costs.
Best in class fully internal Birthday Club.
Fully automated e-mail marketing system to all your customers. Our Franchisees send over 2 million messages a month, for free via our SMS system!
Electronic Guest Invitation system for all our guests leading you to even more marketing opportunities.


Jump!Zone provides you the custom tools you need to run your business from back office to front office
Store Management System (JZ SMS), read more.
On-line booking, customer self fulfillment system.
Internal Portal for Franchisee communications and information distribution.
Best in class fully internal Birthday Club.
Fully Supported 24/7/365. You can count on us.

Open Supply Chain

Setting up all the vendor relationships for a business is time consuming. Jump!Zone has done the work for you and opens this supply chain to you for direct purchase of many items without us in the middle. Finally, a franchise that eliminates Franchisor required initial equipment packages that can increase your overall cost of the business.


11th Year of Operation

Jump!Zone is a proven franchise solution that has extensive history and success. Talk to the experts, not a revolving door of new employees. Our franchise is a high volume, party centric business that focuses on automation and technology leadership.


Go for the WOW FACTOR

Jump!Zone separates itself from the competition by focusing on the WOW FACTOR. We use the tallest, largest, and best themed and/or Hollywood based inflatables to leverage a child’s predisposition towards the biggest brands in America like Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Bros, and Marvel Comics. All Fully licensed of course. At Jump!Zone we say "Give the kids what they want!"

Best in class Franchise Fees

Your money should be spent growing your business,
not paying us hefty fees to get started. But it’s not only the franchise fee that’s low. The cost of launching a Jump!Zone franchise is less than so many other franchises. A lower capital requirement, means less risk for you. (REQUEST A INFO KIT NOW)


Our initial franchisee fee is $40,000 total. No extras. No need to buy your equipment package from us so we can profit even more from your important capital reserves, you use our vendors and our discounts. You purchase limited items - such as branded merchandise and proprietary software from us.


Our monthly Royalty is 5% of gross revenues, subject to monthly minimums.


NO OTHER FEES. Yes, forget about additional advertising fees or weekly web fees that offer you less than what we give you for free. Not at Jump!Zone. We feel the less we take from you and the more we support you is the key to your long term success. Read more about our Best in Class technology.


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