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The key to a Party Play Center is Volume, Volume, Volume.

What a month: 160 parties, great walk in play volume, and everyone is happy. As the owner, did you work every waking moment handling all the event management tasks required? If you are a Jump!Zone franchisee, you had the Jump!Zone Store Management System (SMS) to automate your workflow and execute almost all of the tasks required to pull off this great month.


JZ SMS automates the reservation process completely from Bookings to Post Event Surveys and everything inbetween.


Store Owners Reap The Benefit...


"When I was looking for a multi-unit franchise, I needed a company that had the technology in place so I could manage all my stores from afar with confidence. Jump!Zone delivered with SMS."

Scott Soeder

Jump!Zone Algonquin


"I use SMS to run my entire operation. As a new store, I was part of the beta team. I was impressed how quickly this product matured and how well our suggestions were implemented. It makes running a high volume store easier."

Rachel Odom

Jump!Zone Oklahoma City South


"I have owned a Jump!Zone before we had SMS. The amount of work to handle all those tasks is astounding. When I rolled out SMS in my store, I immediately let my manager run the place and I took a 2 week vacation. I left the computer at home and everything went as I planned. This is the way it should be."

Scott Rich

Jump!Zone Canton


"I hold the JZ record for the number of reservations taken in a single day. I took 18 parties reservations by phone in one day. It was a long day. Now when I play golf, I love it that SMS can beat my record with no help from me. Life is better now."

Brandon Hill

Jump!Zone Mokena


"The founders of Jump!Zone are in constant contact with me. They have proven that they are personally committed to my success. I am so glad I, like any other store owner, have complete access to them first if I need it rather than having an unskilled representative as a gatekeeper to the founders."

Luke Holman

Jump!Zone Milford


"The amount of automation Jump Zone provides is astounding. I really benefit from the fully automatic e-mail marketing programs that constantly scourer my database for e-mail marketing possibilities based on my settings and then sends them out without me having to do anything. It is leading to more and more business and it is something our competitors just don't have."

Suzanne Kinnard

Jump!Zone Columbia


JZ SMS - How do I get it?

JZ SMS is standard issue to all Jump!Zone franchise owners giving them the competitive edge they need in a very competitive market. More importantly, our solution allows the franchisee freedom from all the mundane tasks of running such a business.

If you are evaluating a franchise in this industry, think long and hard about paying higher monthly fees and weekly web and marketing fees yet with little or no automation. We think you will evaluate us and see how easy and profitable it could be to be a Jump!Zone franchisee. Register now and start your evaluation.






JZ SMS - Customer Benefits


JZ SMS - Key Features

Complete management of all your web pages. You control everything without the need of corporate support.
Event Scheduler with multiple views, Invoices, and Post Surveys.
Birthday club management, fully automated.
Extensive statistics and cross store analysis.
Electronic Free and Multi-use Jump Pass management.
Complete purchase and web site interaction history.
Store ranking system for best practice analysis based on sales, customer base, and web activity.
Fully Supported 24/7/365. You can count on us.



Let's use the birthday club as an example. We evaluated many 3rd party suppliers of e-mail marketing systems. We did not like any of the offerings on the market. They did not send messages automatically based on complex predefined rules such as timed messages sent out every day based on a child's upcoming birthday, newsletters based on customers' past purchase history, or timely offerings based on a club member's web activity at our site.


So we built our own birthday club from scratch. Now our owners set up their marketing concepts and SMS sends them out according to their guidelines every day of the year with no further interaction required. Our messages to the customer are very complex giving the customer greater benefits such as coupon codes that have complete business logic.



Invitations are a key component of any party. Packs of invitations have to be mailed to the customer or picked up at the store by the party Mom, and then addressed and mailed to their guests.


Some of our party Moms were using commercial services not associated with Jump!Zone for complete party management. These services gave the Mom automation but sometimes the targeted ads the service used were inappropriate. For the store owner, all the benefit to sell to the guests during the invitation process was lost. All in all, it was not the answer we needed.


Enter ezInvite. Our solution was once again built completely in house. Now the customer stays with us for the invitation process, we get to promote our services to their guests and protect the customer's sensitive guest list from any 3rd party.




Perhaps the holy grail of automation. Online booking is critical in a competitive market. A store owner who does not answer their phone when the customer calls simply loses business over time. When you do take a reservation by phone, it costs a store an average of $12 for event procurement.


Online booking of an event happens without staff involvement, 24 hours a day, and costs NOTHING for the store owner.


But you can't just throw your calendar on web and hope to be profitable. Customers are not in tune with your procedures and your automated system needs to offer them an event they will buy but adheres to your business best practices.


Jump!Zone's SMS presents a completely automated, expert system that requires no owner involvement after setup and gives Jump!Zone owners a competitive advantage by allowing their customer to instantly buy from them when they want to buy. The ease for a customer of being able to book a party online instantly at any time of the day or night gives Jump!Zone owners a huge competitive advantage which leads to an easy to manage and more profitable business.